Our objectives

Strengthen joint actions Report rights and threat violations Develop contextual analysis Promote global solidarity Support the development of an ecological spiritualit


We are part of the Latin American ecumenical movement


We promote studies and analysis for collective capacity bildung


We support local solidarity actions

About this initiative

Coordinated by KOINONIA and CREAS, which aims to strengthen ecumenical and interreligious initiatives for human dignity in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru, promoting shared analyzes and joint actions

The declaration "We are the Amazon" gathered over 130 churches and faith-based organisations around the world in solidarity to the Amazon Synod


Promote global solidarity with the challenges faced by the Amazonian peoples, calling Churches and Sister Organizations in the global south and north to prayer and action

Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue for the Amazon


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Virtual call: It is 26 Y 27 February, join the Cry of the Jungle

The peoples of the Amazon and their organizations, threatened by escalating pandemics, We call on all those who feel the call to work together to protect our territories from the crises that threaten us, to participate in “The Cry of the Jungle: Voices of the Amazon ”virtual meeting in which we will analyze and continue…

Brazil’s Amazon Region Hit Hard by COVID Second Wave

By Eduardo Campos Lima SÃO PAULO (Crux) – A devastating second wave of COVID-19 in Amazonas State has caused the healthcare system to collapse and raised the mortality rate in the region to 190 deaths per 100,000 people, the highest one in Brazil. The state had at least 266,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 8,000…

Pope prays for inhabitants of Amazon city hard-hit by covid

By Vatican News Pope Francis says he is praying for inhabitants of the Brazilian city of Manaus and the surrounding Amazon rainforest who are particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope/news/2021-01/pope-prayer-audience-manaus-covid.html

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